TopHit Spy bot allows songwriters, performers and producers to find the exact number of times their hit was airplayed and on which radio stations and platforms.

TopHit Spy bot is an essential tool for record labels and advertising agencies to effectively coordinate promotional campaigns on radio stations' airplays.
Log in to your Telegram account or sign up if you have not used Telegram before
Start using the bot
You may now use your TopHit Spy bot to get all the information you need on the airplays of all the tracks from our database
To start the monitoring, top up your balance.
To do that, find Billing in the menu, click "Top up balance" and select the desired amount. You will be redirected to an online payment service page, where your can use your credit card or other methods.
In Telegram's search field find or click the link here tophitspybot. Click on the logo & tap Start at the bottom of the TopHit Spy bot page
Send the bot the name of the artist or the name of the song you want to track the airplays for
Choose the artists or the names of the tracks from the list
Within a few minutes, messages about the number of airplays of the selected artist or track will begin to appear in the bot's feed
Setting up online monitoring of radio hits and performers
A report is a summary of airplay statistics of an artist for a selected period of time. TopHit Spy generates daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly airplay reports for its users. To get a report, click "Reports" in the bot menu and select the required period (the icon with "Reports" button on the left, on the right is a screenshot with a list of reports)
Receiving airplay reports
To get this report, click "Reports" in the bot menu and select the required period
Shortly after TopHit Spy bot will send you a PDF report in a message.
Open Telegram and start using TopHit Spy
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